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Rotary lobe pumps and grinders for viscous liquids, heavy solids, abrasives, & more

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The easy solution for the toughest pump applications, including abrasive liquids, viscous slurries,  & wet- or dry-feed grinding!

Vogelsang is a global leader in pump, maceration, spreading, and biogas technology that can be found across all industrial sectors as well as agriculture, energy, wastewater, & more!

Vogelsang IQ Series Rotary Lobe Pump

Vogelsang IQ Series Rotary Lobe Pump

Vogelsang Xripper XRS Grinder

Vogelsang XRipper XRS Grinder

Vogelsang RotaCut Macerator and Separator

Vogelsang RotaCut Precision Macerator

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps for Abrasive and Viscous Liquids

Usually, positive displacement pumps (like diaphragm or piston pumps) are high viscosity/low flow and centrifugal pumps are low viscosity/high flow.

Vogelsang’s rotary lobe pumps get around these trade-offs – they offer the power of positive displacement pumps and higher flows more like centrifugal pumps. That makes them incredibly versatile from a pump perspective, and capable of handling anything from slightly-viscous fluids to thick and abrasive sludge, even with entrained solids, aggressive chemicals, and/or sanitary requirements!

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Vogelsang’s VX series is “the original” elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump, with 5 models in countless sizes and configurations depending on application and power requirements.

These versatile pumps capable of liquid manure and wastewaters, semi-solid or sticky substances from the food industry, as well as chemically aggressive media effectively and economically – without any compromise to performance.

With a one-piece housing and simplified wet-end design that eliminates 50% of the spare parts of traditional lobe pumps, Vogelsang’s IQ Series is even easier to maintain without compromising any of the performance of their VX Series

More compact and lightweight than ever before, these gearless Rotary Lobe pumps have up to 54% less weight and 35% less space, making them even more perfect for mobile applications

Plus all Vogelsang pumps can self-prime, run dry, AND run in forward or reverse !

Fast Access for Easy Maintenance

Quickly perform maintenance in place WITHOUT disturbing connected piping! Only the covers need to be removed for easy access to the pump chamber for inspection or maintenance

Carts, Frames, Skids, & More

Tons of mounting options including portable carts, easy-mount frames & skids, and mounts for trucks & tractors allow these pumps to go exactly where needed without compromise or complications

Maximum Compatibility

Comprehensive selection of lobe geometries and material options for any Chemical Compatibility, Abrasiveness, or Temperature requirements

Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps and their Advantages


Vogelsang Rotary Lobe pumps are contactless, rotating positive displacement pumps and are extremely versatile pumps that can handle a huge variety of media from low-viscosity fluids with suspended solids to highly viscous, abrasive or aggressive types.

Used worldwide, these easy-to-maintain pumps are available in a range of models and sizes for virtually every delivery rate and every differential pressure.

Vogelsang IQ-Series Rotary Lobe Pump


The state of the art in positive displacement pumps, Vogelsang’s Rotary Lobe has increased capacity compared with other lobe designs while eliminating pulsation. The convoluted design provides a large cavity that’s perfect for harsh and abrasive sludge.

This design also makes it possible to achieve a required pressure at a slower rpm which results in less damage to the lobes and minimal wear to the rest of the pump. The gentle pumping action is also friendly to shear sensitive liquids and applications where large amounts of entrained air is present in the liquid.

Diagram showing the operating principle of Vogelsang's Rotary Lobe Pumps

Drive Options

A selection of diesel, hydraulic, and electric motors are available in different versions – driven by a geared motor or a compact saddle design with a belt-driven electric motor.

All pumps can be designed so that the control functions occur via a variable frequency drive to ensure optimal operation at all times.

Cross section view of Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pump


X-Ripper Series: Twin shaft grinding products for tough applications

The XRipper series of grinder pumps are at home wherever coarse and high-volume solid matter has to be reduced, whether it is dry bulk material or coarse matter in fluids.

  • Economical shredding of solid and disruptive matter such as wet wipes & rags, wood, fabric, trash, bones & food processing waste, and much more!
  • Protects downstream piping, pumps, and valves from clogging, blockages, and/or damage
  • Always ready for operation thanks to straightforward maintenance – everything can be done inline without removing any connected piping!
  • Cutting rotors are precision machined from a single piece of specially processed steel that is ductile inside with an incredibly hard surface, making it highly resistant to impact while retaining sharp edges
Vogelsang's XRipper series of Grinder Pumps

XRipper XRS

The economical and easy-to-maintain twin-shaft grinder

Whether it’s textiles, bulk materials, wood, or plastic in municipal wastewater or bones, fruit, vegetables, or other waste from production: sturdy construction in a proven twin-shaft design and an extensive range of features and options make for a cost-effective solution for virtually any application

XRipper XRP

The compact inline twin-shaft grinder for pipe systems

Easily installed in even the tightest spaces, the XRipper XRP is particularly effective in wastewater applications that require coarse and high-volume disruptive matter like wet wipes, textiles, wood, plastic bags, and more to be shredded to an unproblematic size to protect downstream piping, pumps, and valves.

XRipper XRC

The grinder for open channels and shafts

The XRipper XRC with SIK (Sewer Integration Kit) is ideal for installation in open wastewater channels and/or upstream of inlets and inflows in shafts and pits, including against slanted or even rounded walls directly upstream of the inlet and/or discharge.

XRipper XRG

The powerful twin-shaft grinder with maximum flow rates

Easily installed in even the tightest spaces, the XRipper XRP is particularly effective in wastewater applications that require coarse and high-volume disruptive matter like wet wipes, textiles, wood, plastic bags, and more to be shredded to an unproblematic size to protect downstream piping, pumps, and valves.

XRipper XRL

The industrial grinder for the rough stuff

Designed to work with a hopper feeder and an adjustable frame, the XRipper XRL is designed for wet or dry feed applications and takes care of solids like organic waste, bones or plastics: coarse and brittle components are chopped down, while other solid matter is ripped apart. And thanks to the different speeds of the two shafts, the XRipper XRL rotors are self-cleaning.

Precision inline grinding & solids separation

Cut and separate damaging solids suspended in any liquid process stream, including floating solids, heavy solids, small solids, and/or stringy materials with the RotaCut series of inline macerators.

Specific particulate sizing is achieved with a range of specially adapted designs, sizes, and screen sizes, which also make integration into existing sewage treatment plants as straightforward as possible with comprehensive features and options to meet any application parameters or requirements.

Vogelsang Grinder Benefits

Aggressive Shredding

Refined enough for wipes, rags, & stringy materials while being robust enough for heavy solids including wood 2×4’s, bone, & much more!

Protect Downstream Equipment

Protect downstream piping, pumps, valves, and instrumentation from clogging, blockages, and/or damage by reducing solids to a safe size

Easy Maintenance & Robust Design

Typical routine maintenance such as changing rotors takes only a fraction of the time compared to a typical twin-shaft grinder – everything can be done inline without removing any connected piping!

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