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Since building their first pumps in 1938, the Carver name has become synonymous with value. Today they are recognized as one of the world’s leading centrifugal pump companies, building pumps to the most demanding engineering specifications and military standards in the world.

We’re proud to be a distributor for Carver Pump, a global pump leader and historic Iowan company!

Always engineered and manufactured at the Carver Pump headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa

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Centrifugal Pumps

Found wherever heavy-duty pumps are specified

Whether the job is refueling fighter jets on the deck of an aircraft carrier, supplying paint to an auto assembly line, or bringing water to the fountain in a city park, Carver Pump puts their reputation on the line everyday with every pump they build.

Carver Pump's GH Series End-Suction Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal end-suction pump

Horizontal end-suction pump for handling water, oils and chemicals in marine, process and general industrial applications. Hydraulic performance extends to 2,500 GPM and is covered by 28 sizes.

  • Flows to 2,500 GPM
  • Head to 520 ft. TDH
  • Close-coupled or frame-mounted
  • Fully compatible with standard, off-the-shelf NEMA JP frame motors

Carver Pump's G2C Vertical Cantilevered Centrifugal Pump

Vertical, Cantilevered Pump

Our vertical pump for handling fluids at moderate to high flow rates.

  • Flows to 2,500 GPM
  • Solids to 1.25″ diameter (32mm)

  • Depths to 36′

  • Cantilever-style design featuring non-wetted radial and thrust bearings located above the support plate, with throttle bushing located immediately above the impeller
Carver Pump's G2S Series Vertical Sump Pump

Vertical Sump Pump

Our process-duty vertical sump pump for handling water, hydrocarbons and acid and alkaline solutions.

  • Flows to 2,500 GPM
  • Sump depth to 22 ft.

  • Offered with carbon lineshaft bearings that comply with API-610 spacing guidelines
  • A variety of shaft sealing options available, including lip seals, packing, and double mechanical seals with a buffer fluid flush

Carver Pump's RS Series Multistage Ring Section Pump

Multistage Ring Section Pump

Our process duty, horizontal ring section multistage pump. Designed for moderate to high-pressure pumping, the RS is available in seven basic sizes with overall performance to 2,600 HP.

  • Flows to 2,000 GPM
  • Head to 3,400 ft. TDH
  • Water and fan cooling available for high-temperature applications

  • Suction and discharge casings can be rotated to meet pipe configurations

Carver Pump's 850 Series Horizontal Filtrate Pump

Horizontal Filtrate Pump

Specifically designed for filtration systems and abrasive fluid processes.

  • Flows to 700 GPM

  • Head to 120 ft. TDH
  • Self-venting casing to prevent airlock

  • Traditional frame-mounted design
  • Side-by-side option
Carver Pump's 855 Series Tank-mounted Filtrate Pump

Tank-mounted filtrate pump

Handles up to 26″ Hg Vacuum and specifically designed to meet the needs of filtrate pump users.

  • Flows to 700 GPM
  • Head to 120 ft. TDH

  • Tank-mounted arrangement

  • Handles challenging suction conditions

  • Self-venting casing to prevent airlock

  • Optional swing-out mount

Carver Pump's API Maxum OH2 Series API 160 compliant End-Suction Pump

API 610 End-Suction Pump

Our horizontal end-suction pump, specifically designed to meet the needs of the hydrocarbon processing industry.

  • Flows to 11,500 GPM
  • Head to 720 ft. TDH

  • Fully complies with API 610 specifications

  • Oil mist lubrication available as a pre-engineered option

  • Operates at fluid temperatures to 600 F (315 C) without cooling water

Carver Pump's Maxum OH1 Heavy-Duty End-Suction Pump

Heavy-Duty End-Suction Pump

Our heavy-duty, horizontal end-suction pump for handling hydrocarbons and process industry applications, includes flows up to 11,000 GPM.

  • Flows to 11,500 GPM
  • Head to 720 ft. TDH

  • Designed to the rigorous standards of API 610 specifications
  • Oil mist lubrication available as a pre-engineered option

  • Heavy-duty bearing frame maximizes reliability

Carver Pump's KWP Series Non-clogging Process Pump

Non-clogging process pump

Our solids-handling pump for handling water, oils and chemicals in process and general industry applications.

  • Flows to 1,300 GPM

  • Head to 240 ft. TDH
  • Close-coupled or frame-mounted
  • Designed for fluids with entrained solids and fibrous materials up to 1.5″ in diameter

Carver Pump's RSV Series Vertical Inline Multistage Pump

In-line Vertical Multitage Pump

The RSV is our general-purpose multistage pump for high-pressure applications.

  • Flows to 400 GPM
  • Head to 830 ft. TDH
  • Standard NEMA motor sizes fitted with no modifications

  • Modular construction

Carver Pump's Delta P DPC Water Booster Systems

Domestic Water Booster Systems

Domestic water, cooling tower and irrigation booster systems, for flows up to 700 GPM per pump (or 2,000 GPM per booster system) from Carver Pump’s subsidiary, Delta P

(Link to separate Delta P website)

  • Flows to 700 GPM per pump or 2,000 GPM per booster system

  • Head to 900 ft. TDH
  • Pressures t0 440 PSI
  • Complete turnkey systems with VFDs and/or PLC capabilities

Carver Pump: Hydraulic Coverage

Running at standard motor speeds of 3550 RPM, 1750 RPM, and/or 1150 RPM, together the Carver Pump product lines cover an impressive hydraulic range of up to 11,000 GPM and 3,400 ft!

Diagram of the hydraulic coverage of Carver Pump's top product models

It’s hard to find an application Carver Pump can’t handle!

Custom Pump Solutions

If you require special flows, pressures, temperatures, mounting, or drive configurations, Carver Pump can help create a pump specifically for your application!

  • Routinely developing new products for specific applications like their tank-mounted 855 Series and new naval ship systems, many of their standard products can be highly customized for specific applications such as parts washing systems and boiler/heat exchanger cleaning systems.
  • Advanced design tools include cutting-edge solid modeling software, powerful computer systems for analyzing structural problems and fluid flow, and exceptional hydraulic design capabilities to address the most challenging performance requirements.

Whether its’s improved efficiency, reduced horsepower, challenging suction performance or extreme environmental conditions, Carver Pump can find the best solution to meet your goals for reliability and performance with the quality and price you need.

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