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Equipment designed to add years in between maintenance intervals
Heavy-duty construction & the simplest possible design are at the core of every Madden product – these are for the people that want to install components once and never have to think about replacing them again.

  • All-metal construction wherever possible (i.e. no plastic parts)
  • All-mechanical moving parts and controls (i.e. as few digital or electronic components as possible
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Boiler Blowdown Products, Coolers, & More: 

Image of Heat Recovery Systems from Madden Engineered Products

Continuous Boiler Blowdown
Heat Recovery Systems

Recover up to 90% of heat energy that is otherwise lost down the drain!

How does it work?

  • Hot, high pressure continuous blowdown water drained from the boiler contains valuable heat energy. The continuous blowdown process helps control boiler water quality and operating efficiency by removing suspended and dissolved solids from the water in the boiler drum.

  • Recovery of up to 50% of the BTU’s available may be accomplished by generating low pressure flash steam in a flash tank. This supply of steam can be used in the boiler D/A tank or other low pressure steam applications. As the flash steam is generated, the blowdown condensate that remains is used to preheat the boiler feed water using a low-pressure liquid to liquid heat exchanger. For smaller, lower pressure blowdown requirements, the HX Series heat recovery systems utilize a higher-pressure liquid to liquid heat exchanger without a flash tank to do the heat recovery job. Our experts can help recommend the model you need to maximize your fuel savings potential.

What is Continuous Top Blowdown?

To prevent scale buildup and to ensure high steam quality and boiler operating efficiency, boiler water quality must be maintained. Chemical treatment alone can’t do the job, so water containing concentrated dissolved and suspended mineral solids is removed continuously through a top blowdown system. As the dirty blowdown water is removed from the boiler drum, it is replaced with fresh makeup water which improves the boiler water quality.

  • Too much blowdown wastes heat and chemical treatment.
  • Too little blowdown results in operation and maintenance problems.

To get the full benefits of blowdown heat recovery, the blowdown flow must be continuous, not intermittent!

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Blowdown Separators & Tanks

Centrifugal Blowdown Separators & Traditional Blowdown Tanks 

Rugged equipment to cool intermittent boiler blowdown for discharge to sewer systems & meet thermal discharge limits

Separator for Boiler Blowdown from Madden Engineered Products

The purpose of blowdown separators for boilers is to cool off the intermittent boiler blowdown flow so the wastewater can be safely discharged into a public sewer system and so that the flash steam can be safely vented into the atmosphere.

All Madden boiler blowdown separators are designed for up to 150 PSI and/or 0-500 deg F, and are pressure vessels made to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 standards.

Tank for Boiler Blowdown from Madden Engineered Products

ASME blowdown tanks for boilers are used as an alternative system for cooling the bottom boiler blowdown. These large tanks retain the blowdown water volume from one blow after the flash steam has been vented to the atmosphere and allow the water to cool down by natural convection over a 6-12 hour period. The cooled water will be below 140° Fahrenheit when it is displaced by the next blowdown and forced out of the overflow drainpipe.

All Madden boiler blowdown tanks are designed for up to 50 PSI and/or 0-450 deg F, and are pressure vessels made to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 standards.

Sample Coolers & Sampling Stations

Miniature heat exchangers designed to reduce high temperature liquid samples to safe, usable temperatures for analysis.

Coolers for samples from boiler systems by Madden Engineered Products

Up to 4,925 PSI @ 1,000 deg F!

Sampling Stations for Boiler Systems by Madden Engineered Products

Stations designed for feed water analysis, condensate analysis, D/A water analysis, and/or steam analysis

Easily take steam or water samples in seconds
without interrupting boiler processes!

Chemical Treatment Skids

Standard and Custom chemical feed systems for boiler room applications

MF Series Compact Chemical Dosing Skid from Madden Engineered Products

Easy chemical dosing & metering for boiler systems in a small footprint

200 Gallon Chemical Feed System from Madden Engineered Products

Turnkey solutions with a holding tank for mixing and storing chemical solutions, a mixer, a Madden diaphragm metering pump to inject the chemical solution, & suction and relief piping

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