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Everything needed for a complete Compressed Air System!

It takes more than just an air compressor to make a complete compressed air system, and our line-up of market-leading air treatment products and accessories deliver peak performance at every budget or scale.

And much more!

Compressed Air Dryers

Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Dryers
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Improving air quality saves money! Reduce piping & equipment corrosion, instrument malfunctions, product & process degradation, freezing air lines, and improve ambient environment quality with cleaner air.

Ingersoll Rand’s line-up of Compressed Air Dryers has a solution for every application, including Refrigerated Dryers, Desiccant Dryers, Heat of Compression (HOC) dryers, and more!

Ingersoll Rand Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

  • Cycling & Non-Cycling options
  • Up to 6,635 CFM
Ingersoll Rand Desiccant Air Dryer

Desiccant Dryers

  • Heated, Heatless, & Blower Purge
  • Desiccant Type: Activated Alumina
  • Up to 8,000 CFM
Modular Desiccant Dryer

And Many More Dryers!

  • Heat of Compression (HOC) Dryers
  • Large Capacity Dryers
  • High Temp & High Pressure Dryers
  • Subfreezing Dryers

Compressed Air Piping

Not all piping is the same!

When it comes to Compressed Air Piping, our experts have a range of flexible options to ensure our customers have a great distribution system that efficiently delivers high-quality, clean air where it’s needed with the lowest total cost of ownership.

High-performance aluminum piping and fittings for compressed air
Size options for Infinity Air Piping

Sizes up to 10″, which is rated for flows up to 48,000 cfm at 125 psi!

Color options for Infinity Air Piping include blue, green, gray, and black

Multiple color options including blue, green, gray,  and black

Fittings & piping for Infinity Compressed Air Piping

High-performance Quick-Connect fittings for any configuration

Compressed Air Filtration

Remove damaging contaminants like oil and water aerosols before they can degrade the quality of end-products or flow through air system piping, process equipment, pneumatic valves, and tools!

NL Module Coalescing Filters
  • High efficiency with minimal pressure drop
  • Element life up to 10 years!
F-Series Inline Filters
  • Multiple filter element grades available for any application
  • High-efficiency plus indicator showing differential pressure drop
Chemical Air Filtration
  • Ingersoll Rand’s Pure Air Chemical Filtration System removes corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to scrub clean intake air

Oil-Water Separators & Drains

Easy condensate management for compressed air systems

Moisture constantly builds up in compressed air systems but doesn’t have to be a hassle – Ingersoll Rand’s Oil-Water Separators and Drain Valves help make condensate management easier, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

PolySep Oil Water Separators

Oil-Water Separators

  • Designed to handle all condensate flows up to 100 gallons/hour, even in hot and humid environments
  • Zeolite adsorption media has a long life, only needing to be replaced once a year or after 4,000 hours of operation
Ingersoll Rand Electronic Drain

Electronic Drains

  • Why mess with a classic – time-tested automatic electronic drain valves for cost-effective condensate removal
  • Simple operation and robust construction
Pneumatic No Loss Drains

Pneumatic No-Loss Drains

  • Wasted air is wasted money  – Pneumatic No-Loss Drains (PLNDs) pay for themselves in large air systems
  • Handles high volume compressed air systems up to 30,000 cfm

Plus many more Separators and Drains,
including from additional manufacturers!

Controls and Automation

Easy management for smarter systems

Our air compressor controls and accessories can help you optimize and visualize performance, which can reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and save you money!

Whether you need a turnkey controller for an individual compressor or functionality to integrate with plant-wide systems, we have an unlimited range of solutions for any application.

Airscout Flow Meter

Flow Meters

  • Easily measure and record compressed air use and system performance
  • Ingersoll Rand’s Airscout Flow Meter is a 3-in-1 tool measuring flow, pressure and temperature
PacE Flow Controller

PacE Flow Controllers

  • Manage fluctuations in air demand and stabilize pressure without overcompensating by adding more compressors or increasing system pressure
IntelliFlow Electronic Flow Controller

IntelliFlow Flow Controller

  • Smart solutions to create a buffer between air supply and air demand, allowing more effective use of air storage and a continuous dynamic response to demand fluctuations

Plus many more controls, controllers, and automation solutions depending on the compressor, system, and application!



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